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13 songs that will make you want to travel

Some are more obvious than others, but all have a travel link if you look hard enough......

1. B.o.B - So Good

Shot in Buenos Aires and lines like "Girl tell me how you feel, oh, What's your fantasy, oh, I see us on a beach down in Mexico" and "spin the globe, wherever it lands that's where we'll go" who wouldn't want to hop on plane? Before I started travelling and hardly anyone knew about my plans, this is what I'd listen to to reassure myself I was doing the right thing. Awesome feel good tune.

2. Simple Plan - Summer Paradise ft Sean Paul

Okay, I'm sorry, this is an AMAZING song, but the lyrics "But someday, I will find my way back, To where your name, Is written in the sand" is factually inaccurate. It's been washed away by the tide or blown away in the wind Mr Plan. You're better off following a map. Also "I remember every sunset" - there are three months in summer. That's 90 days. I'm betting you can't remember ALL of them. Third complaint - what does Sean Paul bring to this song except the odd 'oh', 'eh' and repeating the lyrics?

3. Don Omar - Danza Kuduro ft Lucenzo

What's not to like? Catchy tune, girls in bikinis, hot men on a yacht. If this doesn't scream "first class travel" I don't know what does. Sadly, no cramped hostels or sleeping at the airport in this video. But who needs reality?

4. Fall Out Boy - Immortals

When you quit your job, give up your house, pack your life into a suitcase and invest all your money in plane tickets, there will inevitably be people who think you are bat-shit crazy. To them, this song says "I'm immortal...mwahahaha". Hold your head up high and stomp through the streets singing this catchy tune. (Also - please see Big Hero 6, the film this song is from, as it is awesome).

5. Bernard Fanning - Wish You Well

Not intended as a travel song, but there are connections nonetheless. The globes and the fact Fanning is continuously walking in the video reminds me of travel. Plus, if you imagine listening to it while sunning yourself on a beach, it's definitely has a chilled out "I don't have a care in the world" vibe to it.

6. Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks

Okay, the lyrics are quite dark, but the video starts with someone jumping in a lake in the sunshine and the beat is annoyingly catchy. I have no idea where this was shot but some of the scenery looks beautiful. Added traveller points for including backpacks and fish.

7. Jack Johnson - Good People

Ahhh Jack Johnson. Listening to you strum away makes me want to sit by a fire on the beach with you. Bring wine.

8. Santana - Smooth ft Rob Thomas

The opening riff on the electric guitar, the Hawaiian shirts, the sexy location shots in the video....bring on the sangria and rum, we're off to a beach party.

9. Vance Joy - Riptide

Just the mention of riptide makes me think of surfing. VERY strange video but that's one of the reasons I love it.

10. George Ezra - Blame it on Me

The repetition of "what you waiting for?" throughout this song reminds me of when I was thinking of travelling. If I'd waited until I had loads of money, or until I found the right time in my job, I would never have left. In life, there is no such thing as the "right time". If you wait until the perfect moment, you'll probably miss out.

11. Emeli Sande - Next To Me

Whether you chose to believe this is a song about a boyfriend or God himself, Next To Me is a gorgeous piece about someone being there for you, who you can rely on. When travelling alone, I always feel like someone is looking out for me, whether that's a friend on the end of the phone, a new hostel roommate or just the stronger Me I've become.

12. Helen Reddy - I Am Woman

Sorry boys, but this is pretty female-specific. "I am woman, hear me roar" - you go girl! Don't let anyone tell you you're doing the wrong thing or you can't travel alone. Travelling will help you grow and discover things you never knew about yourself. "I am strong, I am invincible...."

13. Counting Crows - Mr Jones

An American band I've loved for years. Again, not strictly a travel song. But seeing Adam Duritz bouncing around in dreadlocks and the catchy guitar strums make me think of all the hippy-esque travellers with their compass tattoos, battered acoustics and questionable facial hair. Bless em.

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Hi babe, have started to watch some of the videos-must have taken you ages to set it all up!!!!!Got as far as no. 4 but unfortunately no.3, Don Omar not available in Britain. Will watch the rest another day

love mum

by BrianandChris

listened to the others. Favourites are nos 8, 10, 11 and 12

by BrianandChris

Its number 11 Emilie Sande for me. But some rare music there Emma.

Love Dad xx

by BrianandChris

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